Logistics Management

What We Do

GFL Resource Management Services provides waste and recycling services for the logistics management industry. Working with the customer to create an all-inclusive waste diversion platform, GFL drives productivity through waste reduction and logistics to achieve re-use/recycling goals as well as best-in-class service.

Our Process


Site Walkthrough

GFL Resource Management Services will provide a site walkthrough to determine the client’s wants, needs, and expectations as well as to determine the overall scope of work required to manage the program.


Process Plan

GFL Resource Management Services will use the information gathered from the sidewalk through to create a process plan that will outline the path to achieving your waste and recycling goals.


Optimize Procedures

GFL Resource Management Services will determine the optimal waste, recycling, and containment processes to ensure maximum effectiveness for the corresponding processes.


Waste Logistics

GFL Resource Management Services will use optimized procedures to improve the waste logistics, disposal charges and recycling rebates for the host company. This process will reduce waste costs and increase recycle volumes.


Best Business Packages

GFL Resource Management Services will provide best business practices including route optimization, vendor leveraging, and the best business practices to ensure the maximum commodity rebates and in return reduce the facility’s overall waste cost.


Set Goals

GFL Resource Management Services will work with the customer to set attainable goals, dates of achievement and track all processes to ensure maximum efficiencies and cost reduction solutions are maintained.

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