About NMS

We work for you, our customer We are compensated only when we

help you to achieve
your goals

NMS was established by industry experts that saw a need for a true “Partnership” approach to addressing the ever-increasing environmental and cost challenges that businesses face today in responsibly handling their waste.

We have developed solid working relationships with our Waste Company Network Providers that allow us to seamlessly provide services to our customers throughout North America.

Unlike a waste company, NMS does not own trucks, landfills or other costly assets. Positioning ourselves in this manner aligns us perfectly with our customer’s needs and not the needs of Wall Street.

By eliminating the financial pressures faced by asset-heavy or publically traded companies, we can move swiftly, designing and implementing solutions tailored to meet your specific service and financial needs.

While other waste companies’ success is measured by the growth of their bottom line, our success is measured by the growth of yours.

NMS continues to exceed its customer’s expectations by providing comprehensive waste and recycling solutions, single point of contact management and unparalleled personal customer service.

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